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Your Team. Our Family.

Dawn M. Hemming Photo Dawn M. Hemming Hover Photo

Dawn M. Hemming

Founder & President, Wealth Management Advisor

Since 1992, Dawn Hemming has worked as an investment advisor, offering investment, insurance, and plan design services to small businesses and individuals. Her passion led to building a firm founded on delivering exemplary service to clients, combining a background of business management, education and counseling. Creating an infrastructure to support top notch service, Dawn developed a team approach to delivering wealth management services.

Dawn loves to devise creative tax savvy solutions for each client's particular set of goals and is passionate about listening carefully to the client's needs and concerns, and creatively working to address those needs. Dawn is a lifelong learner, recording hours of continuing education to stay in the forefront of changing tax laws and planning strategies. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Education and a Master’s in Business Administration.               

My life is abundant with passion and fulfillment in my work. Guiding our clients to a better future feeds my soul. I'm also abundantly blessed with family memories, worldly travels, pickleball wins, a handsome classic convertible, and orchards of trees loaded with cherries!

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Autumn C. Soltysiak, CFP® Photo Autumn C. Soltysiak, CFP® Hover Photo

Autumn C. Soltysiak, CFP®

Partner, Wealth Management Advisor

Autumn has been a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and investment advisor for 20 years. Her passion is coaching clients to make smart money decisions based on their priorities and considers this her calling. “The most rewarding piece of my job is to take complex issues and find a simple and smart strategy to achieve client’s goals and track the progress, ultimately helping clients focus on what’s really important.”   

Autumn leads the firm's investment strategy including oversight of the firm's asset allocation process, investment selection and trading oversight.   Autumn studied portfolio management, earning a degree in Economics at Michigan Technological University and the Applied Portfolio Management Program. In 2015, Autumn merged her advisory business with hemming& Wealth Management.

An abundant life for me is the ability to employ the gifts that I've been given to serve others.  The most rewarding part of my job is to take complex issues and find a simple and smart strategy to achieve client’s goals, ultimately helping clients focus on what’s important. My life is also abundant with deep community connection, discovering the world through the eyes of my daughters, and the joy of being in or on Lake Michigan. 

Tanelle Budd Photo

Tanelle Budd

Associate Financial Advisor

Tanelle has over 6 years of experience in the Financial Industry. She is excellent with building relationships and expanding professional networks. Tanelle is enthusiastically client focused and always looking for opportunities to optimize our client’s personal goals with their financial resources.  

Tanelle graduated with a degree in Integrative Physiology from University of Colorado. She first managed a successful company in Colorado after graduating college and eventually moved back home to Michigan to be back with family. She began her financial career as a Branch Office Administrator at a local investment company. Tanelle is also the Cleveland Township Clerk in Leelanau County, supporting her community outside the office.  
My life is abundant with family and friends, whom I cherish more than anything else, besides my dog Butters. He’s number 1!

Jena Posey Photo

Jena Posey

Operations Specialist

Jena has over 12 years of experience in the financial industry. She loves being involved in all aspects of business and considers herself a lifelong learner always up for taking on something new. 

Jena graduated from Colorado Technical University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and began her career as an Administrative Assistant, eventually working her way to Operations Manager.

My life is abundant with meaning and purpose, both personally and professionally. I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to grow in my career and also to have the space and time to feel fulfilled in my personal life. As a working mom, it’s extremely important for me to find a balance that feels right.

Marissa Sobbry Photo Marissa Sobbry Hover Photo

Marissa Sobbry

Office Manager, Relationship Manager

Marissa holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Northwood University. Her past experience with Grand Traverse County has developed her depth of experience in compliance, finance, and research. Marissa adds value to the hemming& team with her adaptability, desire to take initiative, and by actively engaging with our client family.

My life is abundant when our clients are well taken care of and when I am spending time with family and friends.

Anthony Gavaldon Photo

Anthony Gavaldon

Relationship Manager

Anthony brings over 6 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry in relationship banking and trust administration. Developing deep and long-lasting relationships with clients is what he loves most about this industry. 

Anthony holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration & Entrepreneurship from Virginia Commonwealth University and is currently working towards his MBA. In addition to his experience in private banking, Anthony previously managed upwards of 1,000 rental units around the Ann Arbor area and started a successful real estate investment business prior to moving back to Traverse City in 2016.

My life is abundant with learning. Each and every day, I learn something new from my wife or kids (or often, my kids learning from my wife or me), my master’s degree courses, and/ or from my colleagues at work. Whether learned hard or graciously, these are things that we get to keep and use for life.

Monica Swenson Photo

Monica Swenson

Relationship Manager

Monica has over 17 years of experience in the financial service industry. She loves helping clients feel at ease and achieve their financial goals.

Monica has two grown daughters, Kaitie and Sarah. She is a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota and has lived and worked throughout the Midwest. She enjoys watching movies, playing disc golf, cooking, and cheering on the Minnesota Vikings. Monica and her partner Joey recently moved to Traverse City and loves gathering recommendations of can't miss places to explore. 

My life is abundant with family, friends and enjoying exploring my new Michigan journey. I couldn’t ask for a better life.

Tessa Stapleton Photo

Tessa Stapleton

Administrative Assistant

Tessa comes from a marketing background with her Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Business Economics degree from Grand Valley State University, as well as several years of experience working in Digital Advertising for a local marketing firm. She enjoys taking on new challenges, diving deep into details, learning new skills, and enjoying time outside no matter the season. You can find her on the shores of Lake Michigan looking for Petoskey Stones in between bike rides and hikes up in the bluffs.  

My life is abundant when I’m spending time with my nieces and relaxing on the beach with a good book. 

Diane Brown Photo Diane Brown Hover Photo

Diane Brown

Operations - Special Events

Diane joined hemming& in September 2016 and is now enjoying retirement with her husband, Mike.  She will continue to be a part of the hemming& team, working on special projects and events. Diane’s sunny personality and experience in IT, accounting, and running a family business brings many valuable resources to the team. 

My life is abundant with outdoor activities, such as biking, hiking, backpacking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and of course water sports! My number one favorite past time activity is spending time with family & friends.