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The Pre-Retirement Checklist Thumbnail

The Pre-Retirement Checklist

Getting ready for retirement? Before you cross that bridge, you’ll need to cross some important items off your to-do list. Understanding one’s financial goals, estimating future expenses, and factoring in lifestyle changes are some of the essential steps in creating a realistic retirement plan. Regularly reassessing and adjusting your retirement plan as circumstances change ensures a well-prepared and resilient financial future.  

Here at hemming& Wealth Management, we understand that retirement planning can seem daunting. With a well-coordinated financial plan, you can start living with confidence.

To kick-start that process, we’ve created a simple 10-step checklist for you to assess the steps you have (or have not) taken to prepare for your post-work life. 

Retirement Budget

Understand what your income will be, and how you can confidently spend the money you have accumulated for retirement. 

Emergency Savings

Prepare for emergencies by saving at least 3 months' living expenses, and have that money easily available to you. 

Tax Strategy

Have a sound tax strategy to guide you through the process of spending money from both taxable and tax-deferred accounts. 

Lifestyle & Location

Consider where you'll live, both short- and long-term. Have a plan for funding a move and understand the timing involved. 

401(k) Strategy

Have a strategy for your 401(k) and determine the best time for you to access the money, based on your goals. 

Bucket List

Write down your personal goals for your retirement years. Explore your dreams, priorities, and values. 

Extended Care

Make arrangements in the event that you or a loved one encounters a health issue requiring full-time care. 

Estate Strategy

Develop an estate approach that includes how you want your assets to be allocated, and who will handle your estate. 

Health Insurance

Understand your options with Medicare and define a strategy for covering health care expenses for the long haul. 

Social Security Strategy

Understand how social security will impact your retirement. There is no one-size fits all solution. Employment, assets, marriage status and history, and life expectancy are all important factors to consider. 

We support individuals and businesses alike by creating custom, coordinated financial plans and wealth management solutions so they can achieve abundance and joy in all phases of life. Along the way, we strive to build each client’s financial confidence. We help clients learn how to think about money, communicate about money with the right people, and to feel confident that their financial plan will afford their life’s goals. Life looks good on you!  

Use this PDF version to easily revisit your plans as you move towards retirement.

If you’re looking for a Financial Advisor to guide you through your retirement planning process, reach out to connect with us today.