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Let's talk about Pie!

with Dawn Hemming, MBA and AUTUMN SOLTYSIAK, CFP®

Nervous about the Markets?  
How do the ingredients of your investment portfolio impact your experience?
What does pie have to do with investing?  

Learn about one of the most important decisions when it comes to your portfolio – asset allocation. Asset allocation means spreading your investments across various asset classes. Broadly speaking, that means a mix of stocks, bonds, and cash or money market securities, like the ingredients in a pie.  Research has shown, Asset allocation has a bigger impact on your portfolio than market timing and security selection. 

The goal of allocating your assets is to minimize risk while meeting the level of return you expect. To achieve that goal, the risk-return characteristics of the various asset classes are considered to determine the optimal portfolio for you. 

This webinar will provide our perspective in determining if your asset allocation is the right pie for you.   

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