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Texting Coming Soon to hemming&

hemming& Wealth Management is offering a new text messaging service! Our new text number is 231-272-3900.  Please add this number as a contact in your phone to help avoid confusion when we send you an invitation.
When you receive a text from 231-272-3900 with the message “Please send the word YES if you would like to connect”, please reply with YES with no other characters.   Once you reply you will be connected to our team.
You may receive an error when sending us a message without receiving the invitation first.

Please contact the office by calling (231)-922-2900 or at empower@hemmingwm.com, and we'll be happy to send you an invite to our texting service.

At hemming&, the mission is clear:

  • EMBRACE. A clear understanding of what's important to you
  • EDUCATE. A well-defined road map to achieve your goals
  • EMPOWER. Ongoing advice to help you adjust and move forward

Please note this service is for administrative purposes only, such as meeting reminders and similar. hemming& will not accept trade instructions through the texting system.  Please call the office at 231-922-2900 with any trading instructions or immediate needs. 

hemming& Wealth Management, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor. Information in text messages is for the intended recipient(s) only.